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As a young boy growing up in Pontecorvo, Italy (halfway between Rome and Naples) Tomaso Prato ‘s mother would make Tomaso her own homemade Italian pizza recipe. During the war, Tomaso became separated from his family and immigrated to Montreal, Quebec. After many years in the construction industry, Tomaso decided to move to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In 1969, staying true to his Italian roots; Tomaso Prato opened Tomaso’s Pizzeria. Using his mother’s secret, homemade family recipe from the early 1900’s, Tomaso created a pizza known for it’s rich, classic taste. Tomaso’s high standards for quality and taste have endured the decades, making Tomaso’s the oldest pizzeria in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Since this time, several new gourmet pizza recipes have been added to the menu and have contributed to Tomaso’s reputation as a local favourite. After many years Tomaso’s continues to pride themselves on a clean working environment, friendly, well-trained staff, and great customer service. Not to mention, the pizzas are made fresh on a daily basis!